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Emily Laugle, Owner and Board Certified Massage Therapist, has been a massage therapist since 2011. She believes in Bio-Individuality, where every body is different and, therefore, uses a personalized approach for each individual to meet the clients specific needs. She is also a B.E.S.T. and Spiritual B.E.S.T. Practitioner, and a Certified Facilitator of The Energy Codes®, based on the work of Dr. Sue Morter.

Inspired by an upbringing centered in natural health and well-being, Emily pursued her passion of helping others become well by completing massage school. She happily helps a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals looking for relaxation to those working to overcome serious injuries and emotional traumas. Emily specializes in a variety of bodywork modalities, energy work, aromatherapy and nutrition. She has extensive experience in working with top athletes, musicians, healthcare authorities, business professionals and families. Emily is committed to providing a new direction for healing chronic conditions and restoring balance in the body.

She has additional training and certifications in The Energy Codes®, based on the work of Dr. Sue Morter, which is a 7-step system to awaken your spirit, heal your body and live your best life; Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy which is a total body cross-fiber treatment which encourages corrective changes in the muscles on a cellular level; Myofascial Release which is a technique that focuses on the connective tissue that is crucial to the health and proper function of muscles designed for active people; Advanced concepts for the Head, Neck and Shoulders which combines craniosacral, neuromuscular and fascial release to improve therapeutic outcomes; Lumbo-pelvic Hip Complex Disorders which addresses chronic back and neck pain, hamstring tendinopathy, psoas pain, sacroiliac dysfunctions, and more; Quantum Dynamics Chromolite Therapy which effectively reduces pain, balances the nervous system and releases energetic blockages resulting from emotional or physical stressors by use of light therapy; Aromatherapy which is the practice and use of certified pure-therapeutic grade essential oils; and Nutrition which is a key factor in continual health.

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Lorian Bates, Certified Massage Therapist, has been healing through Massage Therapy for over a decade. She earned her massage diploma from the Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL in 2008. Since that time, she earned a Bachelors of Science Degree from Indiana University in Liberal Studies and went on to earn a Post-Baccalaureate in Informatics, also from IU. She currently works full-time as a Business Data Analyst in downtown Indianapolis and is working towards her MBA with a focus in Business Intelligence.

Lorian works to promote balance. She is a certified Heated Power Yoga instructor through CorePower Yoga - Chicago. She is a plant-based endurance athlete and all-around fitness enthusiast. Utilizing her athletic background and understanding of movement, she promotes a body-intelligent lifestyle for herself and her clients. She is a proponent for healing through unconditional love and kindness along with a strong alignment in the body, mind, spirit and soul. She believes in ancient health care through holism and also, lovingly, provides supplemental support to those who are healing through modern medical treatments.

She has additional training in Trigger Point Release (TPR), Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Relaxation/Stress Management and localized Lymphatic Massage on areas of the body with gross edema.

Lorian is excited to bring her experience and knowledge to the team at Indy North Massage Therapy! She looks forward to learn more about accessing healing through working with clients.

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Regina Laugle, a Certified Master Trainer of The Energy Codes®, based on the work of Dr. Sue Morter, has been studying the work of Dr. Sue since 1987. She has completed all levels of the Energy Codes® workshops and retreats and has completed additional trainings in related coursework.

Regina has been a lifelong student and teacher and enjoys sharing her gift with others. She enjoys helping individuals and teaching them how to live the life they dream of...making their dreams become their reality! After raising five, beautiful daughters, she may have a little experience and wisdom to share!

Join Regina at her workshops, where she will teach you how to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life!

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